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Final synopsis of Delta retirements--from DL flight Ops

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General Lee

Well-known member
Aug 24, 2002
On Thursday ALPA and the company both announced that 215 pilots have elected to participate in Delta’s Pilot Retirement Incentive Program, or PRIP. Of the 215 pilots electing to take early retirement, 201 are pre-merger Northwest, 14 hail from Delta, and the average group age is 59.7 years. The highest numbers of participants are Detroit based, followed by Memphis and Seattle. The A330 will see the bulk of captain retirements, followed by the A320. The majority of first officers electing to retire will also be on the A330. We will be paying close attention to appropriate retirement dates on the categories most heavily affected to ensure operational integrity. Pilots who have elected to take advantage of the PRIP have until July 31st to withdraw their paperwork and, following this deadline, we will provide the pilot group with finalized PRIP numbers as soon as they become available. Delta has continued to take every step possible to offer frontline employees voluntary retirement and leave options as we manage through difficult economic conditions. We are pleased that those pilots who were interested were able to take advantage of the first voluntary retirement program offered to this workgroup in a number of years.

Ok, ok, it is not the FINAL synopsis until after July 31st, but you know what I mean....... It is interesting to see where the pilots are coming from base wise, and that the very senior guys on the 747s didn't seem to take the package. That still means there will be many more retirements eventually, with a lot coming from the top. That will be good for everyone. To the guys who did take the retirement package, good luck and thank you.

Bye Bye--General Lee
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Thanks for posting. Interesting breakdown.
A big thanks for the guys/gals who took this deal from a junior DAL pilot. I wish you the best in your upcoming retirement / endeavours.
And FWIW there will be no news except or cruddy financial numbers until Aug 1st. Got to make sure these guys go.

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