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Ferry Pilots

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Dec 12, 2001
hey. i'll keep it short. i'm a cfi with 600+ total. are there any companies around that use lower time ferry pilots? just been looking into it a little. it's the slow season in florida. freakin thunderstorms. thought it might be a nice little timebuilder. thanks in advance.

ferry flying

Call any local aircraft brokers in your area. I ferried planes for brokers for a while built up about 1200 hrs in a pretty short time. They don't really pay much but you can build alot of time flying light singles and twins from coast to coast.

Good luck
thanks. not really looking for pay. i can live on ramen noodles and water. i just need the flight time. if anyone else has any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

ferrying is a cool job...

thats what got me to 500TT (and 250 multi), and then went VFR135 ops from there.

ferrying is a hard one to break into, but once your in, they'll call you and refer you to everyone else.

good luck!

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