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Feds Taking their Sweet A$$ time

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It's ok, I speak Jive
May 20, 2004
Wasn't the FAA going to come out with the new rest/reg rules by the end of January? I know there's another week to go but if it means recalculating staffing numbers which equates to recalls. Then we need that clock to start ticking yesterday!
The fact that CAL did not recall and AA furloughed probably means that it will not increase the need for additional staffing or the companies will have plenty of time to meet any required deadline. To be sure, managements have a good idea what is coming, we will just have to wait. Im sure that by the time the ATA is finished with it, we will be flying more just have an extra hour or two at the hotel.

Thanks for nothing. Back to my furlough.

we need to do something to get them to have to act faster.....

we can look for some volunteers to help our cause, they just need to fly a trip together and both fall asleep during the flight, while snoaring loudly for the voice recorder, and take one for the team and crash it....maybe that'll get the them moving!
You know how the FAA works-their "solution" will never actually fix anything. I would bet they "fix" one part of the problem and create a whole new dimession of B.S.

-Probably will lower the amount of duty time per day, but extend a work week to 53 hours block-lot of good that will do!
Announced a while back that they would delay till mid 2010

Got a quote? Last I saw was that a NPRM would be out at the end of this month. And guys, don't be so sure it'll fall apart. Lots of politicians want somebody's head on a plate now that there have been serious issues attributed to fatigue. Well... I guess the FAA has known this all along but now the numbskulls in DC know it! Hope for the best...
How about those other Feds who are taking their sweet time? I am referring to the TSA. How long does it take to study the BWI and PIT programs before getting on with things? I am tired of the complete waste of time, waste of TSA resources, and cutting in line in front of passengers to get screened before flying an airplane I am in control of ....with a crash axe in the cockpit.

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