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Well-known member
Mar 19, 2002
Is it possible to work your way up and get a job with them; or do they only hire ex-military? I know it takes a ton of persistence and some good qualifications to get hired with them, but do you absolutely have to be ex-military to have a legitimate chance? If you can work your way up, do they prefer guys n' gals with freight experience? What's a good freight airline to get on to work your way up? I'm only 21, and haven't even finished school yet.

Just Curious. Thanks.
Go look at the requirements at http://pilot.fedex.com Nowhere there does it state you have to be military, but you do have to meet the requirements and have a pilot referral. Military pilots tend to be better at networking and most of them meet the min quals.
I currently work for a 135 freight comp. and Fedex is my #1 dream job. I've talked to some of the Fedex guys, heck maybe even you profile, and although they've been helpful and positive......I've derived this: To get into Fedex a.) someone must die or retire b.) the unwritten rule is military exp. c.) you HAVE TO have an inside recommendation, preferably more than 1 (who knows even 1 Fedex pilot personally?) d.) min. B.S. degree required e.) at this point in the game, the odds for those of us without one of these requirements to get in are probably worse than the state lotto.

The negativity is tongue-in-cheek, but it is a realistic summation.

So profile........can I have ya over for some beers, maybe some chit-chat, watch the game, .........give ya my car.......:D
I know 2 pilots at FedEx that used to fly at Great Lakes with me. I also met 2 Fedex pilots at the Vette Seaplane Base in Oshkosh while I was voluteering for the airshow. It's not that hard. Be nice and talk airplanes and you would be surprised who pops out of the woodwork.

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