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FedEx Window OPEN!

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$50 to throw your name in the hat with the thousands already in there. I guess FedEx probably needs the money more than the unemployed pilots who will throw $50 for even the smallest of chances. Wish I could have my 50 bucks back. Good luck to all.
Penny wise, pound foolish

Best $50.00 I have ever spent. I didn't think I had a chance. Now I'm waiting for a class date. Good luck.
Once again, the lack of 1000 turbine PIC time bites me in the A$$. Guess I'll be saving $50.00.

takes more than 1000 hours of turbine

I've had my Fed Ex profile in for about a year (and I've been updating), with my 1500 multi turbine PIC and $5 I can get a cup 'o Java at Starbucks.
I think it is like just about anywhere, you had better know someone!
Please disregard previous post!

OOPS! I guess that the IT people changed the URL so it WILL work using the www prefix!!!!

(formerly a ) DornierPilot
Don't forget , if you are a California resident you will get a refund of your $50. On the pilot.fedex.com home page just click on the "proof of residency". It will give you a form that you can print out . Just fill it out and attach proof (copy of CA drivers license, voter registration, utility bill, or rent statement)and send it to the address on the form or fax it to the fax number on the form.
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Does anyone know how long the window will be open?

How long have they usually been open in the past?

Thanks in advance to anyone in the 'know';o)

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