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FedEx Short Pilots

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Purple Member
Dec 7, 2001
Just called By Crew scheduling and asked if I could pick up some trips at time and half this weekend even though I start upgrade on Tuesday. I asked what was up since a couple months ago 727 FE would fly maybe 1 or 2 times in entire month while on reserve. You literally couldn't swing Dead Cat without hitting one of us. I was told that everbody is in training for upgrades and they are starting to get very thin in many areas. Hopefully this will translate into more hiring!

I'm happy to hear FDX needs some pilots.
I have an interview on the 19th and 20th.
Any idea how many they are planning on hiring this year?
Any idea how many are left in the pool?
Any info would be greatly appreciated

I've been told the pool is empty -- except for those affected by the military stop-loss issue. Also told that the hiring number is up to 500 -- they are going to be carrying a lot more postal -- need pilots fast....
Fedex Pool

The pool has got to be empty after the two April classes. I know someone from the last interview group in Oct that is in the April 8th class. Good luck! And keep-em coming!
Where did you hear that we are hiring 500. I was told around 250, but I hope your right.

If rumors were packages at FedEx we'd all have a job!

The 250/350/500/700 numbers get tossed around nightly in conversations around the AOC. Only official word I have heard since indoc is 250, which Jack Lewis (system chief pilot) said he'd like to have. He indicated more might be a possibility as economy rebounds, but company hates to hire ahead of demand curve (which is nice in that so far there has never been a furlough).

Anecdotally, I've bumped into several pilots on the bus to and from the AOC that have been drafted for trips....MD11 captains, 727 FOs, and 727 SOs (which hasn't happened in MONTHS) that had all been called in for extra work. I have no way of knowing if the 200-250 pilots will be enough to "fix" the requirement for overtime, but at least the trend seems positive.

Other rumor concerns next upgrade bid. This bid was "rumored" for Oct, then Nov, then Jan, then Feb, then Mar. Here we are half way to April and I have yet to see an FCIF on the bid. (I almost passed up a DC10 s/o slot this summer thinking I'd have a shot at this bid...glad I went a ahead and grabbed it!) Some discussions indicate the big issue is whether or not to open an LA MD11 domicile, and if so, how large to make the operation. Again...rumor is once the bean counters and operations folks decide on the LA question THEN we might see a bid.

In the meantime...I'm glad to be there. I've heard from wiser than me, however, to take all rumors with a grain of salt...or as someone else said "believe it when you see it painted purple and parked on the ramp".

Good luck to all.

There are going to be 2 classes of 12 until May, which is the end of the year at FedEx. Then decisions will be made as far as hiring when the new budget gets done.

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