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FedEx seat bid?

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I am able to see it. I got it loaded now, but it took many attempts. Everyone is flooding the system.


727 MEM Capt: 445683

727 MEM FO: 585719

Bus MEM Capt: 255385

Bus MEM FO: 565757 (I made it)
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May I suggest that you use the seniority numbers instead. 2 reasons: Privacy number 1 and more meaning in comparison with the number of pilots on the property (4519) for those on the outside looking in.

Just a thought.


ps: I can't get to the list either Sluggo.
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sorry, too lazy.

My kids are home now and I am not going to go back through the list. Anyone that can match an employee number to a name could also match a seniority number to a name.

Ok: I just got to it. Here are the breakdowns by seniority number (out of 4519 pilots on the property) of the junior person on the bid:

MD11 Capt Mem: 2562 FO: 4314
MD11 Capt Anc: 2421 FO: 4471
MD11 Capt LA: 867 FO: 2966

Bus Capt Mem: 2622 FO: 4262
Bus Capt Subic: 2395 FO: 4448

DC10 FO Mem: 4353 S/O: 4514

Boeing Capt Mem: 3576 FO: 4519

The junior guy on the list, who started last Monday, held right seat in the Boeing! Not too shabby.


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