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FedEx Pre-Inteview Paperwork

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Active member
Mar 16, 2002
Does anyone know what to expect once your interview is scheduled? I figured there would be an information packet sent once the inerview was arranged. According to the office, they are going to call once the sim time is scheduled. Is there any other correspondence with recruitment after your sim time is arranged?

Just curious


You will recieve a 3 page letter via FedEx that will tell you the when and where's of bolth days of your interview.

Transportation and hotel are at your expense.They will include local hotel's that provide discounts and transportation to/from the interview and drug testing. Most people stayed at the Holiday Inn, but I stayed at Homewood and was very happy with that hotel(suites and they were clean+the noise wasnt bad)

You will have a ton of paperwork to fill out, follow the directions CAREFULLY and take your time as on the second day of the interview they will call out the names of people who have made mistakes or left stuff out. Not a big deal but it would be better to not have your name read out ; you will be on edge enough.

I think it is a real good idea to call all old employers and make shure that all your adderesses and contact numbers are correct with no P.O. box adderesses. same goes with all other information, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to do the background check quickly, so you can find out quicker.

Best of luck and hope to see you in the pool.


Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.

So, what is it like being in the pool? How long before you get a class date?

Blond Ambition

Hey BlondAmbition,

First off, congrats. If they call you for an interview, THEY WANT you. Fed Ex does not play games. As for the pool, it has varied. I sat in the pool from my interview Aug 30, 01 to my class of Feb 18, 02. You most likely will not wait this long as I waited through the peak season (no hiring during Christmas rush). It is quite typical to interview for a class date about 1.5 to 2 months away. Good luck and once again; congrats.

Life is good on the line.


Life in the pool could not be better, I consider myself and anybody else who gets the chance to be extremly blessed.
The water is clean,warm,not too deep,and has of yet, not turned my hair green.
I interviewed in late May and hope to get a class Aug. 26 but, if not, then maby Sept.(no class dates set yet in sept.)

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