FedEx posting


Shem Malmquist
Nov 26, 2001
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FedEx posting:

Just FYI to possibly shed light on future hiring (I don't know the numbers of that, but perhaps someone can sort it out with these numbers). FedEx has just issued a posting for the following vacancies for FedEx crewmembers to bid on, there are no excesses in this bid and they say it is possible that not all secondaries will be filled:

5 ANC MD-11 Capts
40 LAX MD-11 Capt
20 MEM MD-11 Capts
6 SFS A-300 capts

10 ANC MD-11 FOs
60 LAX MD-11 FOs
30 MEM MD-11 FOs
4 SFS A300 FOs

50 MEM B727 SOs

Once again, these are all additional positions over what we have now. At least, that's the way I read it.