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FedEx mins.

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Well-known member
Dec 4, 2001
On the FedEx website it says, "Typical qualifications for consideration as a FedEx pilot." Does that mean those are the minimum qualifications to apply, or those are the competitive minimums? I'm a long ways from PIC turbine time, so do I just have to wait to apply?
I applied and I am short 890 hrs of PIC jet and 400 of the over 20,000 Lbs. I am hoping someone will slip in the shower, bump their head and call me by accident. But seriously it cant hurt and by applying early it shows interest and they will have a steady stream of updates to track your progress
I agree with flydog, put in your app and update frequently. But I wouldn't expect a call until you have alot more than the "min" quals, and right now about 3 letters of rec from fedex pilots you have flown with. It is hard to get a call these days because FedEx has so many qualified+ applicants, they are using the # of recs you have to lower the # of apps they have to sort through. Of course, when the pax carriers start hiring like mad again, the # of recs required will go down.
I also think FedEx puts some merit on the Air, Inc conferences. Probably not a factor now, but in the future, when everyone is hiring, and FedEx starts attending those conferences, I think that is a way to get your app to the top. The only reason I ever got called is because I handed Bev Hyter my resume at one. She is the one who decides who gets an interview.
Good Luck.
FedEx hiring requirments

I have been trying to find Fedex pilot hiring requirmens from the web site and have had no luck. I have also been calling the hotline 1888-321-3556. The automated voice says that its not a working number? And to top it off the email address they provide will not work either. I get a return sender pop error. Am I just having bad luck or is anyone else finding it hard to get info?
Hey Goose

Good call sign.

You simply enter their employee numbers on your application (the web site).

They will take care of the rest.

Thanks, Goose

I have 4 FedX pilots that i have flown with......so i hope that helps.

only 500 more Jet PIC hours to go!!!!!!!!!!

Fly Safe!!!


whats a MC-130H? is that the gunship ( i know i know a dumb question!)

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