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Fedex LOR's

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Mar 14, 2002
I meet all of Fedex's hiring requirments, but I have been informed that this does not mean anything without at least 3 letters of recom. from fedex pilots. I dont know anybody at Fedex. Does anybody have any tips on how to obtain LOR's. Does Fedex prefere military flight time? Any civilians hired?

I'm living proof that you only need 1 LOR. Everyone in my interview group had at least one, though. Dig deep through your contacts, FedEx is a big company and I bet you may have a friend-of-a-friend working there.
As far as mil/civ, my interview group was 50/50 and all got hired.

A bit of unsolicited advice...keep your network going, even after you land that "dream" job with that airline that'll be around forever. Keep in touch via phone, email; go to reunions, etc... The extra effort may pay off some day. Don't be like me and wake up 15 years later and discover that you can't find all the FedEx, UPS, Southwest pilots you used to know.
LOR's a must

I to am proof that you could get in the door at Fedex without LOR's ( I had none and just really worked the line at the Air Inc. conferences) but I think in the post 9/11 era they are a must. The people I know who have gotten calls this year have all had 2 or 3 LOR's. And that means letter written and turned in not just name and # on the App. Its an easy process for people to do for you. They can do it from any online computer. Hope it helps. Good Luck!

Oh and my interview class was 3 military 2 civilian and we had 2 and 1 hired.

I put my FedEx sponsor's name and emp # on my application, and he also asked for my SSAN so he could write an LOR and enter it directly into the system somehow through the company email.

Spoke w/ Kim today. She said most folks who get the call have 1-3 recs. As mentioned above, your "sponsor" must have your first name, middle init., Last, and SSN to input your rec in the system.

I had only one. One of my classmates had none. We both have seniority numbers.

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