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Fedex line questions

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Well-known member
Feb 14, 2002
--For the MD10/11 and others...I know there are a lot of lines that originate from the sorting centers....are those mostly international or domestic?
--What is the 24 callout reserve line like? Good or bad deal? Commutable? Can it be downgraded to a 2 hour callout on a moments notice?
--How do the intenational lines look...mostly real long trips or some international 'turns' available?
--How many trips can you drop/trade in a month?
MD-10/MD-10 lines are both domestic and international from the hubs.

24 hr callout reserve goes senior, it is commutable, if they want you on a shorter leash they have to provide a hotel.

International trips vary from 1 day trips to Mexico to 14 day trips around the world. Many that are about 48 hrs away from base to Europe, Asia trips are longer, but wide variety of lengths again.

No limit to drops or trading subject to limitations of "max open". Company doesn't care if they can cover the trips, basically, but their metrics for ensuring that sometimes irritate pilots trying to trade.
The perception of how "senior" something is depends a bit on where you are on the list, I think. Having said that, I would say that is the most senior base by a fair margin.

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