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FedEx jumpseats... how we doing?

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They're in the same boat as UPS and other cargo carriers. So, when we can work around the problem of not having a secure cockpit door between us and the jumpseaters/pax then offline jumpseating will resume. This is really a question you should be asking the FAA, not the individual airline. They have mandated the same aircraft security procedures as the pax carriers. Unfortunately, just behind the cockpit is the cargo area. Jumpseats are in the cockpit and there is nowhere else for them to sit. Until the cargo carriers can get the Feds to relax their security ruling we're stuck with no offline jumpseaters.

When will that happen? Who knows but hopefully soon!
FedEx is restricted to allowing offline jumpseaters onboard outside the cockpit only with the new improved locking door. The new "improved" locks are being installed on all widebody aircraft. Once complete, the plan is to allow offline jumpseaters. The 727s will not be able to participate in the near term as there are no seats outside the cockpit. The MD-11s with the crew rest facility fall into the same category, but the majority of the MD-11s do have seats aft.
So you're saying that basically FedEx will allow offline jumpseaters on all aircraft except the B727? How much longer for the new door installations to be complete on all the widebodies? 1 month... 6 months... a year...
FedEx jumpseating...

There really hasn't any word on how long the installation is going to take. FedEx has been good on trying to keep us updated... Doesn't help a whole lot but hang in there!
Hey FedEx, hope it comes soon. We have a bunch of crews here commuting to DTW and MSP soon. Would be great to have another option. Till then your welcome on board us an Airlink any time, unfortunately still in the back. MEM based for a few more weeks, later
Don't know the timeline, but it is happening fairly quickly. I'd guess just another couple of months at the rate it appears to be happening.
Thanks for the info Profile. This 9/11 thing totally reuined my commuting plans on FedEx out of Memphis. Keep us updated if you get any more info on when it will be complete. Fortunately FedEx flies all widebodies to where I commute, so it shouldn't be a problem when all is said and done.

I'm looking forward to traveling with the purple tail.

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