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Fedex Jumpseating question

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Well-known member
Jan 15, 2002
I'm looking to jumpseat on Fedex with my bike in a hard-sided bike case. Can this be done? I have looked on the ALPA Fedex jumpseating website; it says as long as TSA will allow it and I can carry it up the steps in one trip, I'm good to go.

Has anyone done this before? I know TSA allows bikes (I have flown with guys that take their bikes on layovers).
I never dealt with the TSA when I jumpseated on Fedex or UPS. They both have security, but bringing a snowboard was no problem. I can't imagine a bike is any more dangerous than a snowboard. Fedex put it in a seperate cargo compartment, I guess they thought I could use it as a weapon.

Regardless, it wasnt an issue transporting it.
The procedure for golf clubs is they're stowed in the cargo comp't where they're inaccessible and you get them after block in. In my hands golf clubs are much more dangerous ( at least on the course) than a bike. I can't believe there's a problem j/s w/ a bike.

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