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Fedex Jumpseat?

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Active member
Feb 19, 2002
Hate to keep beating the horse, but has anything been said about offline guys in the back seats. It will make my life alot better!!

I was looking at the fedexpilot.org website last week, and nope, theyre still offlimits to offliners.

Yeah, would be nice, but...
FedEx Jumpseating for Offliners

As a new FedEx employee here is the explanation for this as given to me. 1st let me say that FedEx pilots and FedEx company want to let offliners jumpseat on our aircraft. Unfortunately, our computer system (and UPS for that matter) are not Sabre (or whatever software system the passenger carriers use) based and can not comply w/ mandated FAA security requirements. Specifically, they can not confirm that another airlines badge is really valid for that individual. They say that they are working on fixing this and as I say, getting offliners back on is definitely a priority w/ our pilots. Hope to see you soon.
I believe the above explanation is probably correct. My airline also has the same problem but we are able to get around this by having the J.S call ahead and then dispatch has to call their company and verify their employment. Pain in the butt : however it is better than nothing.
Something else that has thrown a wrench is the gears recently is the issue if "cabin seats" (outside the c/p) vs jumpseats (inside the c/p). The wheels were turning to reopen the cabin seats (at least to company employees which is a start) around 1 Jun until the FAA figured out that this issue needs to be resolved first. The current regs in 2-pilot a/c (Airbus, MD-11, MD-10) require the pilot leaving the c/p to use the facilities lock the c/p door open until he returns (impractical to have the other guy come lock the door and leave nobody flying), therby making ALL cabin seats basically "cockpit seats" since there are no FAs to run interference. Since the 727 only has c/p jumpseats, this leaves only the DC-10 with usable cabin seats. Since this problem affects the majority of the fleet, I think the decision was made to solve the problem once and for all before opening up any seats. Whether it gets solved by some computer database for positive identification of pilots only (including other airlines) and rendering company employees off limits, or some other fix, I don't think it has yet been determined. (I think we should just hire FAs) We are all frustrated about it, and as pilots we want acces given back to other airline pilots as rapidly as possible since you all have been so helpful and understanding in the meantime, the union feels the same way. Bottom line, nobody knows, but it is being worked and hopefully the company and FAA can come to a resolution soon.

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