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Fedex Interview

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Well-known member
May 29, 2002
Does anyone know what is some of the documentation you need for the fedex packet they send you when your called for an interview?

I hear they require some strange things for the interview.
It wasn't anything strange at all -- just the usual stuff: logbooks, certificates, college transcripts, FE written, and I think maybe passport. That was in Feb of this year, but I doubt things have changed.

How fresh do the college transcripts have to be? I have seal ones from a year and a half ago??
As long as they're sealed I don't think it matters -- mine were at least a year old -- I ordered all my transcripts when I started the airline hunt.

The seal doesnt really matter either..... mine were 2 years old and unsealed "student copies" and I still got the job.

thanks dudes.

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