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FedEx Interview

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Jan 16, 2002
Hey guys/gals I feel like one of the luckiest people out there to have had FedEx call me for an interview. I was wondering if any of you that more recently went through the process had any good info for their interview process. I have re-read thru the never ending FedEx vs SWA thread and brushed up on all that is there. I am lucking for any new stuff and to verify that it is still the same as all the info out there on this site, willflyforfood, and jetsafety. Thanks for any help anyone has, and keep the flow of info going.

flying :)
A guy I know was there recently and said the process is still pretty much the same. Curious as to when you were called, availability date, if anyone walked your stuff in, etc... Good luck and congrats...go get that job!
Simulator Profile


Go to the sim and fly the 30-minute sim eval profile two or three times. I thought it was helpful. Send a PM if you need the sim profile. Best wishes on your interview. When you go to Memphis, go to Corky's for the best barbeque anywhere (Poplar Avenue and White Station Boulevard). Fly safe.

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The interview stuff hasn't changed in 15 years, so almost everything you read is good. The Will fly for food site is pretty good. Make sure you have a handle on the sim profile, it's not that hard, but flying a strange airplane is disconcerting enough without knowing what you are going to be doing.

Good luck.

Sentry IP

go to Corky's for the best barbeque anywhere

I don't know if it's just an Air Force thing or something, but Rendezvous' in downtown Memphis put Corky's to shame. I used to think Corky's was good until going there.
Hey guys thanks for the inputs and advice.

Hugh--Called last week showing a July avail date. I had a few guys check on my app but too many to bug them. Everything I have seen is about 1-2 months out they will call, I think it is still not what you know but who you know.

I will give Corky's and Rendezvous' a try!!

Thanks again

FedEX interview

This is about as current as you can get. Don't fret the testing and the ATC noise in the background. They've done away with it. Spend your time studying the TUAATW (tell us about a time when) questions... and don't worry about the testing. I highly suggest flying a basic heavy sim with no crutches if you haven't current experience in heavy jets. Three comuters in my interview group... one did the sim and highly recommended it. The other two said they wished they had.

Good luck!


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