FEDEX Interview???


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Nov 29, 2001
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Question for FedEx pilots: I have been for almost 1 year now in furlough from a 121 freight carrier. Company still chapter 11. Meanwhile I was hired by a fractional and I am in the pool waiting to see what will happen and (IF) I will have a class date(they decided to merge to another fractional????). To survive I am doing all kind of jobs. I have an application through internet w/fedex for about 8 months now with no inside recommendation. But about 2 weeks ago I was lucky to find an old body who is flying DC10. He (perfect gentleman) gladly accepted to give me a LOR . Now, anyway I work all kind of crappy jobs so, that made me decide to apply for a FedEx cargo handler, maybe that way my application will get a boost. I want to know is this wrong? Will it affect favorable a possible flying career with FedEx?
What about if that fractional will finally decide to call me or my chapter 11 company will call me back and I will have to quit the FedEx cargo handler. Will that affect in a negative way a possible interview w/FedEx? Because bottom line I would love (who wouldn't?) to fulfill my flying career with FedEx.
Any comments and advices will be highly appreciated. :


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Apr 19, 2006
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Keep waiting, the FedEx jobs are filled before they are announced. They are announced just for legal purposes.