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FedEx Discount Gone?

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Registered Eye-Poker
Jul 20, 2004
According to hearsay, FedEx is eliminating their interline discount with a number of different carriers. Any details? Anyone try recently and get denied?
I just shipped 4 boxes on Fedex Monday, and had no problem getting my discount.

But this is the first time I ever tried it.
Nice avatar Luke.
Anybody ever seen a list of airlines that they have agreements with, or is it any airline?

Yea, I was at a fedex office by SMF last year... They had a list of airlines that get the discount nder the plexiglass on top of the counter. It was kind of an old list... Command Airways and Bar Habror were on the list, along with PAN AM....
As I said, it's internet hearsay and hopefully incorrect. Cathay Pacific guys were saying they got word from their company that they no longer have the discount. Some other replies included "Americans" that said they were told the same thing.

Looks like it's just a rumor. Good news. Thanks for the replies.
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