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Fedex Classes and interview calls

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Well-known member
Jan 16, 2003
Hey All,

Got a call for a late November interview. Very happy about that!!!

Just out of curiousity, are there any classes in December? Or..am I interviewing for next years classes???

I'm not putting the cart before the horse, but it does affect my vacation bid and other things with the current employer and I want to plan as if....


I haven't heard for sure, but new classes (normally) don't start during peak (mid November-ish until Christmas-ish).

Congrats and good luck on the interview.


When did you do the grip-n-grin? I'm curious if the 6 month rule is holding true. Either way, good luck.
1 class in Nov, 1 in Dec, 3 in Jan. 300 to 350 new hires/year as far as they can project. They have asked some new hires to take training right away, maybe you can work that.
I talked to Kim last week and they are running 2 classses in Nov and 1 in Dec. My interview is next week and she said that they might place someone from my interview class in the last Nov class. Good Luck!!!

(btw- my meet-n-greet was in Feb)

Late April Meet and Greet.

Couple hundred AVRO PIC...that you EW or AC??

Would love to be in the running for a Dec class, but beggars can't be choosy.
Was in the training center today for my DIFF SIM. Instructor said they were planning on a class of 48 for December. For what it's worth.:)
How many letters of Rec? Haven't applied yet, but considering it.

Is 3,000+ jet 121 PIC seen as a negative?

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