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FedEx Application??

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May 11, 2002
Can anyone tell me how to obtain a FedEx application? I went to the company website and sent an e-mail as requested, but so far I have not received a response. I also tried to call the Pilot Hiring hotline, but it is ALWAYS busy.

Thank you F18-FDX!

Here's another question for you FedEx folks:

Back in the early 90's I was told that FedEx used to guarantee a pilot interview to any qualified employee after one year of service. I remember hearing of one or two pilots who took jobs on the ramp for a year while flying in the reserves and were eventually hired as FedEX pilots. Does any such policy currently exist at FedEx? In other words, if someone works for FedEx in a non-pilot position for a year, will they be able to obtain a pilot interview (assuming that they meet the minimum quals)?

Thanks in advance.
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This is second hand....

Back in October I was told that the aforementioned policy was still in effect.

Albie appears to be one of the knowledgable individuals about FedEx -- direct this inquiry to him.
I personally know 2 guys that were internal hires at FedEx, including one of my 14 Jan classmates and a crash pad roomie.
One guy threw boxes for several years at night, and another was an avionics mechanic.

Warning: the job isn't yours automatically if you are hired interviewed from within. Conversely, it seems to me to be a VERY tough process. Most internals don't get picked up on their first try...average seems to be second hack. I have NO idea why this is, and its all anecdotal, but maybe some others in the know can share their experience.

Bottom line...I wouldn't pass up a flying job to sling boxes hoping for the best. On the other hand, if you can work part time for FDX, that might just be your ticket to an interview.


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