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FedEx App Window?

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I haven't heard anything, but if I do I'll post it ASAP. The chief pilot told us in an e-mail a few months ago that the window was closed because he didn't think it was fair for people to get their hopes up submitting a profile w/out a realistic chance of being hired. Basically, there are a butload of applications in the system at the moment. Rumor has it there were around 1500-2000 profiles in the system Sep 10 and w/in a week the number was near 15,000. 2 classes of 8 starting this month and I have heard talk of the same number/month through May. Nobody knows the plan after May or when the app. window & interviews will start again. Wish I had something better to tell you, but again, as soon as I hear anything substantive, I'll post it. Hang in there, things WILL turn around.
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Info on hiring...

If you are interested in the latest hiring news, I posted a message lower down under "Fed Ex Pilot Pool". I spoke with Kim Daniels Thursday and she gave me the low down.

App Window

Funny thing is that the window was open for day a week ago Thursday. www.pilot.fedex.com is not only where you apply, but where we logon to check skeds, bid, etc. It shocked me because I logged on and there it was. "Fedex continues to hire pilots in support of it's worldwide operation". Then the next day it was gone? Not sure if it was just a WEB site screw-up or if they are planning to open the window up and someone jumped the gun. In anycase, I'd bookmark it one of your favorites, and check it a couple times a day. Good Luck!

Spoke with Kim Daniels today,

She said they will resume interviewing towards the end of Feb and the application web site will open again shortly. "Check back daily".


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