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FedEx 208 job, Markett MI, $32,760. per year

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Well-known member
Sep 16, 2003

AJB Reference Number: 22710195
Job Title: Pilot FAR 135 Cargo
Company: CSA Air, Inc.
Location: US - MI, Marquette, 49855
Job Start/End Date: 10/31/2005
Job Type: Regular
Job Classification : Full Time
Hours/Week: 40 hrs/week
Salary Range: $ 32760 per year
Education: High School Diploma or GED
Required Degree/
Formal Training: See job description
Required Licenses/
Certificates : Pilots certificate and 2nd class medical
Experience: Mid-Career (2 - 15 years)
Company Homepage: not provided
Job Description

Captain Cessna 208 Caravan daily from Marquette, MI. to Milwaukee, WI. Monday pm thru Saturday am. Supervise proper loading of aircraft and maintain accurate flight manifest.
1 year 135 exp. + 2000 hours PIC F/W or No 135 exp. + 3000 hours PIC
Minimum 75 hours act. instrument
Minimum 500 hours X-country
Minimum 100 hours night flight

Job Benefits

Clothing / Uniform Allowance Dental Insurance
Health Insurance Holidays
Life Insurance 401K / Retirement Plan
Sick Leave Vacation
Vision Insurance

Long Term Disability and AD & D insurance coverage
Tuition Reimbursement program
Time Credit award program

E-mail your resume and cover letter to:
Gregory Steeno
[email protected]

Mail your resume and cover letter to:
Gregory Steeno
CSA Air, Inc.
260 Riverhills Road , Kingsford, MI 49802

Fax your resume and cover letter to:
Gregory Steeno
(906) 779-1304
If you like the outdoors, Marquette is beautiful. But I think it gets around 10 feet of snow a year.

Great to see a well paying job listed. I'd imagine that $32000 would go a long way up in the U.P.
jafo20 said:
Marquette! That's almost as bad as Presque Isle!

Ahhh, yes......beautiful Presque Isle!! 9 months of winter and 3 months of bad ice skating.:) Not to mention mosquitoes with wing spans the size of condors!!

Actually, Marquette should be a bit better now that they moved the airport out to K.I. Sawyer. The old County airport was in just about the worst place- far enough inland to not be warmed by the lake, and high enough up that all the lake effect snow nailed it.

But yeah, Marquette is a great place to live. I only wish I had the time to apply for this one...

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