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Fed screeners held to same low standards

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Looks like the Feds are going to settle for the same window dressing that we have today. No G.E.D.? No problem!

By the way, last night I had that dream where I hadn't graduated high school yet. However, I'm pretty sure it didn't end with my being a security screener because I didn't wake up.

Federal Security Screeners: from the AJC
How stinkin hard is it to graduate high school?? Better yet.. How hard is it to get a **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED** GED? Can't you get one over the internet these days??

If these idiots can't complete high school, how on earth do you expect them to be able to read an x-ray monitor?
The US should model their hiring/training of screeners after some of the European countries and Israel. Those people are educated and they also are trained very intensly. They also get paid more which attracts people with higher qualifications. I think the US is playing catch up which is why the qualifications are so low. I hope after time, the standards do change.

Does anybody know what the training program will be like for the screeners?
At least I know that there will be some kind of job for me after I retire at age 60, my second career. Look out F/A's.
I knew it..............this makes me so mad......what the federal government is going to do is just federalize the same morons that are working there right now. They are only going to give these guys different uniforms.

I think the qualifications are

1. High school diploma or one year of experience.

2. Be able to speak english.

This is such a joke.

For you ALPA guys there is a link to a complaint form just for security problems on the ALPA web site.

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