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Fed Ex Retirement


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Feb 26, 2002
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Hello, all. Can anyone inform me of the specifics of the Fed Ex retirement plan?

I know it includes an A-fund retirement annuity, a six-percent B-fund lump sum benefit and a 401(k) plan with company matching up to $500.

Ok, that's all great, but what does it mean? What is an A-fund? Six-percent of what in the B-fund...and what is a B-fund? The only part of this plan I understand is the 401(k), but when does the company match $500 -- monthly? What percentage of our gross pay can pilots invest, etc. etc.



Dec 24, 2001
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Let's see.

The A Fund is basically your standard company retirement pension plan. It is based upon the following formula. Years worked (max of 25) X .02 X Average yearly earnings of your "High Five" (highest five years of pay). This is a per year annuity usually.

B Fund is 6% of ALL of your monthly pay. CH's, Per Diem, Overage and so on. Goes into your account about a week after your end of the month paycheck.

401(K) is called the Profit Sharing Plan. Company matches 50% of your first 1K bucks into your account. You can contribute up to 15% of your pretax pay (ALL again) to your 401(K)(called the Retirement Savings Plan). You can contribute an additional 5% to the Optional Savings Plan. The 15% contribution to your RSP is based upon how much you make a year. If you make more than 85K AGI (I think), it drops to 10%. The OSP money is after tax.

Hope this helps.