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Fed Ex Jumpseat

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Active member
Feb 19, 2002
I used fedex often to get home and wondering if there is any word on when or ever they will allow jumpseaters again.

The company is "negotiating" with the FPA about when and how they plan to re-implement FedEx business and (the company hopes) personal jumpseats for the box-throwers.

It's embarassing there are no reciprocal agreements with other carriers, YET Fred Smith wants "Mr. Joe Blow" box thrower to ride our seats!

I've even heard rumors of installing cameras (like Jet Blue) in our wide-bodies so we can "monitor" the jumpseaters throughout the flight! Talk about crazy.....

I believe/hope the FPA and now ALPA will drag this out as long as possible and eventually other 121 crewmembers will jumpseat with us. The wheels of the FAA are barely turning.......

The Union is working it really hard, but unfortunately nobody can ride, neither our pilot bretheren nor company employees until the FAA lowers the brick wall. Our chief pilot has been talking to his counterparts at other carriers thanking them for the continued privilege and understanding. We all want things to get back to normal and I think (hope) we'll see a resolution soon, of course we've all been thinking and hoping for months now...

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