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FED EX - company history

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Jan 30, 2002
any one know where I can find a biography of Fred Smith and Fed Ex. Am interested in what the company's first routes were, how the fleet grew etc.

Check your private messages!

Hey dude, I sent you the complete Fed Ex history from a certain web site that rhymes with Hair Fink!

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Check your local library. Vance Tremble is the author, "Overnight Success, The Story of Federal Express's Renegade Founder-Frederick Smith"

Tremble does admit that Mr. Smith has never and probably will never be interviewed for a Biography, he is just not interested. However, there was some heavy duty research and interviews of other FedEx Execs and Smith family members done for this book that gives great background on the entire evolution of FedEx. It's an easy and enjoyable read.
FedEx pilot history


If you're interested in the pilot and union history at FedEx check out the FPA Union website. On the title page, left side there is a link about the pilot history. The address is: "fedexpilot.org".


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