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Fed Ex and UPS pilots seniority

Nov 29, 2001
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I just have a couple of questions to the FED EX/UPS guys. From what I understand about your lists, FED EX has 4000 plus pilots and UPS has around 2200. Is there anyone out there that has info on average age of the pilot groups and expectations for retirements? Also, when things get turned around, what the expectations are for the "natural size" of the seniority list? Even for who I fly for, the talk was, we are always understaffed, just curious to what is considered a proper staffing level. I am just curious about how these lists match up to the other majors. Thanks.


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Nov 25, 2001
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At FedEx my "guess" would be we're "top-heavy" with regards to overall age of the pilots. Lot's of old farts hanging out in the AOC! Our retirements kick-in starting in 2004 and continue steady until 2023 (according to the FedEx retirement projections via their website).

The FPA also has a new "seniority projector" that basically takes into account guys turning 60 and retiring. I have not seen this projector as my ancient computer can't run it for some reason.....

A buddy of mine two classes behind me ran his stats (employee #, age, etc.) through the FPA projector and shows him retiring # 35 on the seniority list. Good thing he's two years younger AND junior to me!!

Finally, my guess would be our pilot list levels out @ 4300 -4400 when all the "planned" growth is done......Then again, Fred can easily try to shrink our group via downsizing.........

Check back with me in 27 years when I retire at age 60 and I'll tell you if this was the right choice!::D

I gotta get a new picture icon....
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Nov 25, 2001
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To dogpile on speedracers post, Fedex retirements take off around 2005...averaging about 150 year. There are about 60 this year, 75 next year, and the bell peaks in the 2006-2011 range with some years spiking above 170.

FedEx has hired many military guys at the end of a 20 year career, so retirement numbers actually stay 100-150 per year after 2005.

Yes...there are some "older, distinguished gentlemen" around the AOC. As I heard one young pilot say...."the only thing I like more than a 57 year old SOB captain is a 59 year old SOB captain...."

I cannot say anything for sure about the UPS operations, but I know they really started their build up in the late 80s and early 90s. I have no idea about their average ages, but here at FedEx we have a bunch of guys who once flew Falcons in the 70s that are all +/- a few years from hanging up their spurs.

Glad to be working.....

(edited later) Here are the numbers (May 2001 update) for retirements at FedEx. No adjustment made for guys who stay on as FEs past 60 or guys who retire early due to personal/health reasons:

Strarting in 02.....58, 83, , 76, 128, 162, 170, 155, 133, 115, 156, 187, 177, 141, 169, 196, 195. 186, 180, 179.
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Nov 27, 2001
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As far as UPS goes I think there are close to 2,600 pilots on the senority list. I would say that UPS is probably not as top heavy as FEDEX. I think that the next contract (2003-4) you will see probably 80+ retirements ( most of the over 60 guys) and then starting in 2005-2006 thru 2009 maybe 70 to 90 a year.

Hope this helps: (Maybe their are other UPS pilot who could shed more light on the subject)