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Feb 28th SWA Class

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
JM called today and said that I would be in the 2/28 class and to expect a CP call next week. She did say that there are classes scheduled till April for right now, two a month. Here are my stats:
Sent App:June 26,01
Type: Aug 97
Interview: Sept 10, 01
Proposed Class: Feb 28, 02
Good Luck to All, Falcon1
CP = Chief Pilot

The Chief Pilot call is the "official" your hired with this training date call.
I was also told to expect the Feb 28 class (if Stop Loss continues), but she didn't really say it was "official" or to expect a call--yet. Apparently it might end up being Mar 14 for me.
xherc's call

From one former herc driver to another ... I'll bet my unemployment check you're in the 28 Feb class. You probably get the call from JM before next weekend.

Anyone want to start a pool on the pool? I got Ultrapilot for the 28 Feb Class!
Betting on the pool

Concur with ivauir. Lets get more scientifiK. I'll bet that the pool is twice as big as posted. So here is my bet:
Rowel for the Mar 14th
P3flyer Mar 27
Hpaul3 Apr 11
My crystal ball just went cloudy:D

Oh no.. I am Betting Rowel in the 28 FEB class. I actually have $10.00 on this one! Don't let me down SWA, I need the Money!
Heard from JM today. She said to expect the 2/28 class!!! Yay!! Should get the official chief pilot call next week. Gotta take another drug test.
My info:
Interviewed 6/6/01
typed 9/11/01
See y'all in class! (gotta work on my Texas drawl and do my liver exercises!)
Got the call!

JM called yesterday and asked if I could make the 28 Feb class. I hesitated for a nanosecond before saying YES! Expect the CP call, a new drug test, and package from FedEx next week. Hello Dallas!!
Pegasus may be the prognosticator but Ivauir would have won the pool money for hitting the date!

Sent App: Sep 00
Interviewed: 22 May 01
Typed: 16 Sep 01
Class Date: 28 Feb 02

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