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Fear of flying courses?

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Well-known member
Jan 29, 2004
Is anyone familiar with some sort of online course that can help ease the fear of flying for my brother? Better yet, how about some personal results of a successful outcome amongst your peers?

He (my bro) believes he can't be cured of his so called phobia yet travels quite a bit, under a lot of stress, for work and pleasure. I believe it's just a lack of understanding with aviation procedures.

Any advice is appreciated.....


I think AOPA has a "pinch hitter" course that helps with some of the basics and understanding of flight. You might want to check their website.
Seriously though, just last week we (Capt and I) had a woman come visit the cockpit before we departed. She told us that she had gone through some program and was told to go visit the pilots before hand to help ease her fears. It seemed to work, as she was deplaning, she thanked us for our time and stated it wasn't that bad of a ride.

Honestly, we got lucky with this gal. I mean if she had showed up 3 minutes earlier, she would have been overwhelmed by the nastiest fart ever. Tuna fish and beer for dinner the night before make for a deadly combination.

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