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FE written?

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Well-known member
Dec 15, 2001
Just wondering how valuable/necessary the FE written is. I most likely will be heading to ATP next month to do my ATP rating and I was considering doing the FE written while I'm there. I do realize I could do the Gleim/home study method and save the $$ but I'm really just interested in some opinions on whether it would benefit me to do the written now or wait to do it sometime further down the road when and if I actually need it. Thanks!
Just An Idea!

Remember the FEX is Valid for only 2 Years unless you work for a 121 Air Carrier. Even if you work for a 121 Air Carrier, some majors still want you to have taken it within 2 years.

Southwest, Jetblue, Airtran and a few others that are hiring right now, don't even require it. To get on with FEDEX and UPS they may require it but, it doesn't look like you have the 1000 pic yet. Get it when you have between 500 and 1000 PIC turbine. Because then you have a realistic chance of getting hired and you won't have to redo it again later.

Save the Money until you Realistically have a chance of getting hired on with somone who requires it and when the hiring forecast is turning favorable for you then get it. Save the money for now.
Thanks a lot for the reply.

That's what I thought. I really hadn't thought about doing it until I saw that ATP had a package deal that included it. I wasn't sure if I was missing something that would make taking the FE worthwhile at this stage. Just paying for my ATP will be a stretch so putting the written off will be just fine. I have a big goose-egg in the PIC turbine column and with no upgrade in sight it looks like I'll have plenty of time to study on my own. Thanks again!
My advice.

Will help add to your resume, and every little bit counts. Don't spend a great deal of money preparing for this. I got the written test prep, spent a weekend studying it, and got 100 on it. Saved a lot of money not going to a course. It was not that bad

Good Luck.
FEX Written


I concur with 1900laker's and Scramjet's posts above. Just to throw in my perspective. I bought a Gleim's FE for $25.00, studied it and went to the local airport to take the LaserGrade test for $70.00. Much cheaper than the package deal I've seen advertised. However, put that off until later because it's only valid for two years. Your immediate goal right now should be your ATP. Concentrate on that. Best wishes on your training and upgrades.
Just a quick question,

Why are you taking your ATP elsewhere than at your airline. I assume you are with an airline, since you list B1900 as aircraft flown. If you have the possibility of upgrading where you are, have the airline pay the bill, and not yourself. My advice is just do the whole thing in one shot at your airline, if you have the possibility of upgrading before you move on. Reason is you'll will be ramping up for studying for upgrade anyway, and will likely be much more prepared for the checkride and oral that way. Just my .02 worth. Good luck
Thanks guys. I appreciate the input.


You definitely have the right idea about letting the company foot the bill for my ATP but unfortunately my chance at upgrade went out the window with all the furloughs/reductions that have occurred. The way it looks now it'll probably be at least another year before I get close to an upgrade again and honestly, I really don't want to stay where I am any longer than I have to. As you said in your earlier reply, every little bit counts, and if having my ATP gives me an advantage in moving on to something bigger and better than I'll take it. It would also allow me the option to apply at EJA (once I break 2500TT) and could help me land a corporate or charter job if need be. I'd prefer to stay on the "airline" side of the fence if at all possible but in light of recent events I can't rule out the corporate/charter sector, especially if it allows me to graduate from Raman noodles to Spaghetti-os. :D I'm just trying to keep as many options open as I can. Plus I'm getting kind of bored with my flying and an ATP would be a little more useful (but not as much fun) as a seaplane rating.
The reason ATP Inc offers the FE in the six point prep package is that they cater to military folks. Many of them are qualified to apply to the majors right then, so they need the FE written for the airlines that require it. If you don't need it yet, it probably is a waste of money. Good luck to you.

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