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FE & 727 memory items

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Well-known member
Nov 29, 2001
I'm in a little over my head as far as boeings

anyone know an easy way to the memory items for B 727?

thanks. what's involved in a FE rating? obviously a written test, but also an oral? and a practical (at a panel) ?

if you have a 727 type, can you also fly as FE ?

any excellent places to get a quick FE rating?

I agree with Jim that the FE is a seperate check ride. I thought it was one of my more challenging rides yet. Not only do you have to know how to manually parallel generators and understand ancient electrical systems, balance fuel tanks with multiple engine failures and control hydraulic and pressurization problems but you also have to work with the guys flying to manage your time and know where you are during the flight. I guess it sounds easier than it is. Good luck.
The secret of memorizing the memory items on the 727 is sitting down on the flight deck or on the panel and actually pulling levers and touching things. After a while you will never forget them.

Essential Power-operating generator
Thrust lever -idle
Engine start switch -cutoff
Engine fire switch-pull etc,etc.
Memory items are usually different at every operator. I suggest getting some note cards and writing the name of the checklist on one side and the memory items on the other side. As far as the check-ride, you'll have to take a written test, oral, and practical test at the panel.
For the oral you'll have to know everything about every light switch and guage. What buss are the fuel shut-off valve lights on, which boost pumps are powered with essencial power, when the pack trip off light comes on what exactly is happening, etc. Here are a few easy acronyms:
A system hydraulics

N-ose wheel steering
T-ail skid
G-round spoilers
O-utboard spoilers
L-anding gear
L-ower rudder

B system hydraulics

Brake In Up Stairs Every Afternoon
Brakes, Inboard spoilers, Upper rudder, Aft Stairs, Elevator, Aileron

Inboard Flaps

P-ack fans
A-uto pack trip
R-udder load limiter
I-nflight speedbrake warning
S-tall warning

Outboard Flaps

O-utboard ailerons
L-eading edge flap control
F-lap warning

Good luck, if you can get the electrical system under control everything else will be a piece of cake.
B-727 F/E Help.

When I went through F/E ground School I purchased a B-727 systems book from a guy that sells 'em down in Florida.

It has everything you can think of, including everything mentioned above. It's called, "The B727 Cockpit Review." and I strongly recomend it.

If you want the info here it is:

or call 'em at 877-RAMAIR B727

Good Luck!

It's a tough one.


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