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FDX Sim prep, worth it? and where?

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Tokyo Tokyo!
Dec 16, 2001
I wonder if the Fedex sim is that tough, that it is worth it to pay for a prep. If you are current on instruments and can fly a hold, do you really need it? Does anyone have any experience with it? I would appreciate it. And do they fly you out to your interview in MEM or do you have to find your way? BTW, is there a good place to get the SimPrep in the Southwest?

I did the interview in May and am glad to say that it resulted in a job offer! That being said, my experience with the sim was that they were looking for basic attitude insrument skills. In short how good is your scan. The only prep that I did was at my current job by practicing my scan. I would hand fly the airplane at every opportunity and would turn off the flight director to work on my flying skills. Seeing as you do not know what aircraft you will be doing your sim ride in,(mine was the A-310) your best bet is to save your money and focus on your scan in what you are currently flying. Just a note they covered over all the speed tapes and altitude tapes and made you use the round dials. Also brush up on your hold procedures. Good luck, hope you are succesful.

Thanks both. I figured if your scan is up to speed (mine is) than it should be straight forward. I am told the interview is personality and very little technical, and the IQ test is imposible to study for, so I am leaning toward minimal prep, and a lot of historical study about FEDEX. We'll see, thanks again. I am going to put off the interview for a while anyway as my wife is due in a couple of weeks.

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