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FDX military reserve question

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Well-known member
Feb 14, 2002
How many days of reserve/ trips can you drop at FDX for military? Do they care if you continually drop most of your trips/reserve days until you are senior enough to fly a more comfortable schedule? Also, how does the 24 hour callout reserve work? Do you get called before anyone else on reserve? Can you commute and do this?

You can drop what ever you want and as much as you want, with one exception. In order to drop R (reserve) days, there has to be sufficient amount of other dudes on reserve that day to cover it. If not, they will deny it. The good news is that with hiring a ton of people, you are more likely to be approved in dropping R days.

I too have a question about the 24 reserve call-out. If I understand it correctly, I can sit at home in SLC and wait for the phone to ring. Once called I have 24 hours to get to MEM? I also understand that the whole reason for 24 reserve it to help commuters (which I heard FedEx is most helpful). Any info helps.


P.S. CONGRATS BACKFLIP!! (Future MD11 Captain)

Everything you have said is true. Keep in mind though, you will not hold "R24" as a junior guy as it tends to go more senior. I'm not quite sure how senior it goes since I have never bid it. I can say this though, I only sat two months of reserve before I was able to hold a line. We are hiring like gang-busters!

Thanks for the reserve gouge. I have heard younger (low 30's) guys have a little harder rime getting on there...is this true? Any idea what the average age is for new hires?

Younger guys are not at a disadvantage getting hired here. I am 33 and was hired this year (if you consider that young). Most of the military folk who were hired are one of two categories; 1. guys like me who served their basic mil commitment and got out which makes you in your low 30s, and 2. guys who retired and are now on their second career. I have seen a fair share of older guys hired here which is great, since they are given the opportunity for 2 careers. Years ago, I think the majors steered more toward the people that would be in the company for a long time. Not so today.

As for the civilians, they tend to get hired here at a younger age from what I have observed. I ran into a new hire the other day that was 25 years old! The civilians tend to fly many more hours and become qualified sooner than their military counterparts.

So, basically I think age will never count against you here at Fed Ex. I think the young'ens and the geezers have the same chance. ; )

Hope that helps.


Contrary to what is posted above, You can drop as much as you want for Military, including R-days, regardless of how they are manned. You must be able to prove it with orders or an LES. If you exceed 16 straight days (rumor has it they changed it to 30) then they may extend your probation day for day if someone actually makes the effort to do it.

R-24: There are not many lines, and they go fairly senior. I've been told that they will often call people out for memphis hotel standby if they think they are going to be in a crunch.

Hiring: 24 a month thru OCT....For 2003 the number being thrown out is 200. Many different rumors floating around about the international mail contract.................
Mil Reserve days

I agree with "USNFDX" says about dropping R-days - drop as many as you want - you'll need orders verifying you were working for Uncle Sam. I don't know for a fact about the probation period being extended but you should call/find out what the ground rules are on that! I would hesitate about having my probation strung out - it's not worth it for obvious job security reasons - i.e. THL accident.

I would also be leary of dropping too many R-days just because you don't like the S/O job. Besides having to maintain your currency (50 hrs every 6 months - right?) you will have a 6 month sim and an annual evaluation you don't want to screw up since you are on "probation". If you're "comfortable" with the panel and can hack it, go for it, I don't blame you - I got burned out really fast on it (besides pounding my head on that table many nights to stay awake!). But I would rather be proficient and not worry about any checkride my first year - don't forget the FAA no-notice checkrides too. I had 4 during my 18 months on the panel....lucky me......

During my first year on the 727 panel I dropped one week a month at FedEx to fly with my T-1 Reserve unit = I maintained my S/O proficency, passed all my checkrides no sweat AND maintained my days off at home with the family.....
Mil and R-days...

I can attest to what speedracer says...I do the exact same thing he does in terms of dropping days and flying military. And yes, if you do take a lot of mil leave, they will extend your prob year (not the pay though). I had my year extended 3 months. BUT, I was on 3 solid months of mil leave for T-38 PIT, so I can understand that. Otherwise, scheduling has been good for the most part, and I usually will try to 'fill in' gaps to make up some of the days I lose and minimize my commute. Bottom line, because of this setup, I can keep my sanity and build seniority in the rear seat while keeping proficient in both jobs!

Good luck and rock on!


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