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FDX commute

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Nov 26, 2001
Can any of you FDX guys tell me how easy a commute Mem-ATL would be on company aircraft. Also can it be done on something shorter than a week on week off sched. Not very interested in being away from the family quite that long. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
ATL would be an easy commute to MEM or to deadhead anywhere on the east coast with the Delta hub. As far as the week on week off, that seems to be the norm for commuters since it cuts down on the amount of commuting each month. I commute and I love the week on week off schedules. There are lines that have a variety of trips that are shorter than a week but it would certainly be tougher on a commuter. It's your choice. That's the great thing about this company, you have a wide range of choices to choose from. As a junior pilot you will not have much of a choice of reserve lines and some of those are over a week long at a stretch, but in return you will have a lot of days off at a stretch. Just like anywhere else, quality of life comes with seniority. Hope that helps and good luck.

I've got to agree w/all nightflyer's points. I'm commuting from Va Beach (lots of FedEx guys live here) and it has been great. The company is amazing with all the options we have as far as working your schedule the way you want it. Airtran is a great way to go ATL-MEM as well. They are absolutely awesome with the offline guys. Occasionally I'll go from Newport News to Memphis via Atlanta, I can't say enough good things about Airtran.
Thx for those kind words F18-FDX. And you are absolutly right about commuting on us to MEM. We take as many jumpseaters as we have open seats and most AirTran pilots would gladly take a seat in the cockpit or on the F/A jumpseat to give you a seat in the cabin. I used to jumpseat on FDX alot before 9/11 and you guys where always great to me. Hope the reciprocal agreement will open up again soon;)
We're all hoping the same thing. In an e-mail today the chief pilot said we may have company business travel back around June, hopefully you guys will be back very shortly after, the Union is pushing it really hard. Thanks again for the jumpseats, I hope we can pay you back sooner rather than later.

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