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FDX app fee

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Not stop loss again !!
May 9, 2002
Regards the online app at FedEx -- I have a profile which I am able to update, so I've assumed its good to go. However my credit card was never tapped for the $50 processing fee. Question is to anyone that has been hired / applied -- did you get charged when you first sent in a profile or not until called for an interview? And if the answer is the former, any ideas on who/where to remedy the situation?
Just a heads up, but every letter that I have recieved from FedEx(Interview letter and pool letter) stated in no uncertain terms that all phone calls should be initiated by FedEx.It said something like; only call them if it was absolutly nessary. I just wanted to let people know that saw that number that they may not take a call all too well.

I know that post was ment to help, I just thought I should post what I know.
Good call, U2FDX. I don't want to get anyone in hot water, just trying to help. The number is now off the post.

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