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FCC License

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Well-known member
Dec 1, 2001
Can anyone who has used the website explain how you actually obtain the license! It doesnt tell you how much it costs, where to send it to, ect....I guess Im not smart enough to figure it out!
It can be a debacle...

First of all register with FCC by getting a CORES number. Next apply for the RTOP using the Universal Licensing System on the link from the FCC website. The forms you will need to complete are a Form 159 (provides information to them about payment being sent), and a Form 605 (the actual application). The payment code will be "RR", and the code for the Form 605 will be "PARR". Do NOT apply via US Mail, as they will probably return the application to you...I had a bad experience trying to apply this way and am still trying to get a refund of the fee that I sent the first time...long boring story that I won't get into here. Speaking of the fee, it is $50.00 and is payable via credit card over the internet. Did I say DO NOT APPLY VIA US MAIL? If you start getting at all confused, call the 1-888 number listed on the site and make them walk you through the process. It is not at all obvious what steps need to be taken, and in my humble opinion the website and entire process is the epitome of government red tape bureaucracy. Good luck...

If you call...

I had to get my FCC license last year, so I called them. It took 2 calls and I was placed on hold each time for about 20 minutes at least. Make sure you have all your questions thought out ahead of time and ask them to verify everything. Once everything is in order and you have paid your $50, mail the $hit and wait a couple months for your card to come in the mail.

Now, will someone tell me why I need this license? I know it is required for international flight, but who really has a use for it?
I made a powerpoint presentation on it for UND so everyone there could get one. Everyone has told me that it is really easy with the powerpoint. If you or anyone wants the presentation email me at [email protected].

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