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FBO rec in KTEB ?

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Marriott Platinum Member
Dec 2, 2003

I am looking for an FBO recommendation at KTEB. Pax will need a large conference room for a meeting, and ideally ample pilot/crew waiting area with internet, etc.

The "busy-ness" of the FBO does not matter, as long as it has a good reputation and is pilot/pax friendly.

There are too many FBO's and I can't really get a feel via reading reviews on AirNav.

Meridian is first class . The new building has plenty space for passengers and crew. It has a great location on airport easy in and easy out. But most of all the counter staff and line crew are the best.
I second Meridian, it's the place to in TEB. Really, it's the only FBO I don't mind hanging out at... Make sure you go to the movie theatre!
I like Jet Aviation, they have an awesome gym! Atlantic is not bad either. Im not big on Signature over there though or 'The First' (it is pretty much a NetJets FBO).
I've always been a Jet person but I will say after visiting Meridian.........I think they are a better facility.
First has a nice facility with a really nice conference room upstairs.

That's about all the nice things I can say about them, unfortunately.
I know Jet Aviation has a pretty big meeting room upstairs, and a gym, showers, sleep room for the pilots and a downstairs tv area with internet and cookies and stuff. There's a kitchen area upstairs too if you wanna hide from the downstairs stuff. I'd say better amenities for pax with meetings to attend than for pilots with time to kill though. I've logged a lot of hours in the sleep room...and in the pilot internet/tv area. The pilot area really isn't too private as it's connected to the pax lobby. That said, the customer service is the best there, and I've had nothing but top notch handling every time, regardless of the day, month or time. I get marshalled front and center, and everything I need is at the plane before I can catch the van out there to get to it.

What we did was let the pax meet upstairs, then get a crew car and hit the Bendix or Jerry's in Carlstadt for lunch. Then back for a nap and we are fueled and ready just in time for the 3PM push and all westbound departure gates closed, with a 4 hour ground stop for weather. Another day in KTEB. Seriously, the folks at Jet are great and even a few years ago when it was crazy busy 7 days a week, they were top notch.

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