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FBI is looking for fixed wing pilots

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While this does sound tantilizing, Be prepared for a LONG application process. I checked into this and they said to plan on 18-24 months from first application to a class in the Academy.

Also, dont know if the policy has changed, but in the past you have to seve as a reguar "Special Agent" for 2-3 years before applying to the aviation unit. This may have changed if they have needs, however.

I went ahead and sent in an app. (I have spare time!) and took the first battery of tests a week ago, but I suspect I will get recalled by my airline long before the FBI gets my background check done.

As far as I know the only Federal Law Enforcement Agency that will hire pilots off the Street is the US Marshal Service. All other agencies you must become an agent first. The maximum hiring age is 35.

But things could have changed in three and half years since I left the Marshal Service. By the way, most the airplanes they operate are single engine Cessna’s.

Where did you hear that 35 was the max hiring age? I applied and was put "on the list" and I am waiting so see if they pick me to be one of the three "lucky" ones off the list. (I am over 35)

I hear the background checks take a while. Any idea on this?

BTW, they fly 727 out of OKC, but I guess you know that already.

Thanks for the post.
The operation out of OKC "Con-air" is operated by the Dept. of Justice, which is different than the FBI. They transport federal pirsoners around in DC-9's, 727's, and some business jets. But I guess you already knew that........
Hey, anybody know if any of these agencies will hire someone to work part-time outside of their airline job? I thought it might be fun to do something like this on my days off.

If customs hires pilots off the street, do they need a 4 year degree like all the other gov't agencies? I only have a 2 yr so far.
FBI flying

The FBI had a recruiting day at my base about a year and a half ago, and they said they were looking for pilots so I decided to stop by. It turns out that when they say they are looking for pilots, what they mean is that they are looking for agents who could on occasion fly a Cessna for aerial surveilance. You shouldn't plan on getting many hours there.

If I'd wanted to fly a desk I would've just stayed in the Navy.

Alaska, check the website for the requirements:


From what I understand, the competition for these jobs is pretty stiff. I don't know if a four-year degree is required, however, I think they use a point system so it would be to your benefit. These are some of the requirements outlined on the website:
"Candidates for Customs pilot positions must have a current FAA commercial pilots' license with the appropriate rating, a minimum of 1500 flight hours, a current FAA Class II medical certification, be under the age of 37 and be able to successfully complete a background investigation and drug test." I also recall a 500 hour multi requirement. It looks like they are currently recruiting only p-3 pilots, but their needs change periodically.

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