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family passes

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Well-known member
Jan 3, 2002
I was wondering if anyone has put down someone who isn't a family member for their passes (ex. mother-in-law as parent). Does the airline really check into the relations?

At our airline, the crewmember needs to submit appropriate documentation (children's birth certificates for their travel, marriage certificate for spouse's, the individual's birth certificate for parents, etc.) Sometimes it get's into a chain when adoptions, name changes, and remarriages are involved.

For those who don't have enough excitement in their lives and don't mind the risk of losing legitimate travel benefits, I strongly recommend putting in for unauthorized travel benefits.
Put it this way.
What do you think the FAA and FBI would do if they discovered you had signed false domuments so a friend could get cheap travel on a commercial airliner. Not a smart thing in a post 9/11 world.
Unless your mother in law owns an airline, and can get you a job when you get fired for abusing company benefits I wouldn't even think about it.

All fun and games till you get fired for something so petty as family passes.
I actually know an "idiot" who did it. Yep, he got away with it. I am not supporting him, but let's look what he put at stake...

1... Termination of Pass Benifits indefinately
2... Possible termination from the company.

He did it to get his "girlfriend" pass benifits.
Some carrier's now have the domestic partner plan available. If your does not, I do not think I would put at stake my job or my benifits for any woman, it is not worth it!!!

Plus let's get real about it... what are you talking about, a 1,2 trips maybe... That is what buddy passes are for...

Good luck if you decide to risk it!
Pass Eligibility

jetBlue has an interesting approach to this issue. If you don't have a spouse you can declare a "significant other." The name of the "significant other" can be changed once a year in January. That policy allows for all kinds of non-traditional relationships and is real nice benefit if you have a serious girlfriend, fiance, etc. Of course, other airlines will probably not allow that person to fly, but they will have unlimited passes on jetBlue.

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