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Family and Friends on Flights

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Well-known member
Sep 23, 2003
Has anyone ever had their family member or friends on a chrater flight. Today the Captain I am flying with brought his brother with him and let him sit in the jumpseat the entier flight with the paying charter customers in the back. I found it to be very unproffesional. I told him that and his response was, "He owes me one"

Tell me your thoughts!
That's not good. I'm surprised the pax didn't flip out. I've never heard of a 135 company that allows friends or family on charters. I can't imagine the liability issues if there would've been a problem caused by the guy in the jumpseat.

At our company (PT91), friends and family are welcome anytime we have an open seat. I don't know how common this is.
I don't think there is a liabilty issue here unless the guy was not listed as a Passenger. Then the captian would be in world of crap if the was a problem. I use to fly single pilot 135 cargo and we coule bring whomever we wanted along with us. Wife GF or best bud
I'm flying cargo and we cant bring anyone along with us unless they are employee, crew, or handling hazardous material, FAA inspector etc. - world of hurt if you get ramped with your wife/friend/etc up front...

As for Pax charter - they should be listed on the load manifest as a passenger.
I haven't even been able to bring my wife on a Part 91 flight yet. Don't know when she'll get to see me fly a jet!

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