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Falcon SCAB video on Youtube!

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Why? It's just a link. No names mentioned on FI. Just a link that may or may not be informative containing information that may or may not be relative to today's 121 airline environment.
for those working at airlines that have scabs, this should be a reminder how gutless some of your pilot group are. too bad you have to work with them.
These "SCABS" are the lowest form of life!! They will get what they deserve. Hang in there SPIRIT!
I have a feeling moderators will remove this link very soon ... Unfortunately. Thanks for posting it though.
In the interest of supporting Spirit pilots, the mods have all agreed to "bend" the rules *SLIGHTLY* right now.

NO mentioning of names is allowed on the board, but discussions of said people can ensue as well as links to outside sources.

The webmaster may override us at any time, we haven't really discussed it with him, just something CLR and myself discussed and the other mods haven't said anything about it one way or another so we're assuming they're in agreement.

If the "Moderator" under my name disappears, you'll know why... ;)

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