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Falcon Air Miami

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Dec 5, 2004
If anyone is interested in this place be forwarned. Stay as far away from this place as possible. The owners are down right liars and crooks. The FAA is not letting them expand and wants to shut it down. It is so bad you are better off mowing lawns in Alaska in the middle of winter. Run forest Run!
What expansion plans do they have? Is Falcon still partially owned by the guy that used to own AeroLitoral? What's so bad about it? I'm just curious...
The company asked it's recent class to sign a training contract. The contract had not been presented till they were just about done with ground school. They were supposed to be paid while in ground school and were NOT! They were told tough! All the Captains in the class have quit. The FAA is watching and just launched an investigation. The Chief Pilot and D.O. are two of the worst guys in the biz. This is the worst scumbag outfit in the USA. You will either be fired on a whim or violated by the FAA. It has happened twice to guys in the past year. You would have to be nuts to sign on with this outfit as it will end your career. Other guys on this forum/board know what I am saying. Please, for the sake of your career and sanity STAY AWAY from Falcon Air.
OK, let me start from the beginning on this. I am an EX-Falcon Air Pilot, I worked for the Chief Pilot for 3 years and flew as his F/O and F/E for another 3 and have to say that he is above anyone's reproach. (That is if T.V.H is still the Chief Pilot there) Another thing is that the owner now, used to own AEROPOSTAL, ALAS DE VENEZUELA, not AEROLITORAL. If any dirty stuff has been done, I can guarantee that the owner was 1000% behind the dirty deeds as I have personal experience of working for him before he owned U FLY. The main contract for Falcon Air Express as it was called back in the day was to fly between Miami and Venezuela when R owned Aeropostal and I could tell you stories about working at FAE in those days. Again if the CP is T.V.H. then I am sorry but I have to completely disagree with you on your assessment of him.

I would have to say I second everything this guy is saying as I witnessed it all first hand and can say that there is more to it than that as well. The opinion of the CP and the DO are his own, however, and he does not speak for me on that.

It is still TVH, 7/10 guys walked away from training. 3 didnt show up on day one and 4 more left after the completion of ground school 5 weeks into training. the company outright lied to the pilot group about getting paid while in training. They were going to pay weekly but then week after week of not getting paid on friday the company finally said they were changing their mind and would not pay anything until completion of IOE and then they slapped an 18 month 20K training contract (NOT pro-rated) in front of everyone on week 5 and said sign this or leave. I am sure the paying passengers would be happy knowing that their pilot was not being paid while conducting the flight because their pilot was "in training". Their were 3 captains and 1 FO that walked out. The funny thing is that the contract said the company would pay the pilots while in training but the company was already saying they were not going to do that but just sign it anyway. How can you ask someone to sign a contract that you are already in violation of? Also, the FAA said to one of the pilots in private after giving an oral that he was working for the biggest scumbag operation in the business and to cover your @$$ because it would be easy to get violated working there. Additionally, I have heard that the training facility they were using kicked the company out because they would not pay a bill for sims cancelled within 10 days after the guys refused to sign the surprise contract. They then had (or are having) to find another training facility in the middle of their sim training. The list goes on... you really just had to be there, everyday brought new drama.

As for the facts on the company, the main contract is with ICE and a new one for Direct Air now. they fly a lot out of Mesa AZ to Guatemala for ICE and will be doing the flying for Direct Air out of Punta Gorda, FL.

Disclaimer: The above statements are merely opinions and are not necessarily factual nor inaccurate. No claim is made to the validity of the above statements.
i have seen the md83 out of PGD (punta gorda) they started last week. is that what they are hiring for?
The C.P. stopped returning phone calls and was the one that lied to the class. I am sorry if you disagree but he is not the greatest guy you say he his. He had a chance to defend the class and chose to walk away. There was a last ditch effort and he was nowhere to be found. It has only become more interesting and I believe this company will not be in business very much longer. I have left out some more details as it would be wrong to post here.

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