Falcon 7x, 5x 9x, Follow Up.

Apr 25, 2005
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For those scepticals:

Taken from (NBAA2005): http://www.aviationnow.com/shownews/05nbaa/aircraft_2_09.htm

There'll Be New 7X-Based Falcons, Dassault Tells Full NBAA House

Despite the hour, it was standing room only in the vast Plaza International Ballroom of the Peabody Hotel at 7 a.m. on the NBAA Convention's opening day as Dassault Falcon Jet welcomed North American dealers and customers to breakfast. The who's who of the company at the top table comprised president emeritus Serge Dassault, son of founder, Marcel; Charles Edelstenne, the current CEO and president; John Rosanvallon, CEO and president of Dassault Falcon Jet; Olivier Villa, senior vp, civil aircraft; and Gerry Goguen, senior vp, customer service.
Demand was high for the latest information on the Falcon 7X, this week being the first opportunity for most to see the real hardware (which took to the air only last May) on the American continent. With three prototypes now flying, dealers have been promised updated performance and configuration data in the very near future— with a strong hint that the significant numbers will be better than first promised, thanks to some "tweaks" now in flight-test.
Fresh impetus to sales will be provided by giving "DX" treatment to the Falcon 2000, representatives were told. Like the Falcon 900DX now ready for first deliveries, the 2000DX will offer more range, more weight and better economics when it comes on line in late 2007.
After that, there may be a super-midsize Falcon, for which studies are under way. This, says Edelstenne, will be based on the Falcon 7X, so the opportune moment for its formal announcement will be more a matter of economics than availability of the appropriate technology.
No name has yet been suggested for this follow-on, although Dassault was known some time ago to be working on a new family of business jets to be designated, smallest upward, Falcon 5X, 7X and 9X. We shall see.
— Paul Jackson

Things I'knew, not shown here, the 5X will have a 4600-4700nm range at .85M, the 9X will have a 6000nm range at .80-.81M., possible pricing? 36MM for 5X, 42 for 9X; to be officially announced at EBACE or in a close date. All three the same plane, same engine rating, just more(9X) or less fuel(5X) and some equipment options, and a new Assembly line (900EX to be discontinued, only 900DX,2000DX,2000EX will keep in production).