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Falcon 2000 FO DTW Question?

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Active member
Nov 29, 2001
Can anyone enlighten me on what the callouts might look like as a FO in DTW on the DA-2000? I start with the company mid-April and will try DTW first month and then maybe MDW the second. I live out of the 100 mile circle but within the 3 hour drive rule. I was wondering if this aircraft will have more bullpen time or if briefs will typically begin with work on day one. Thanks to all in advance. HF
first of all, you have to be within 100 miles OR 3 hours drive time. this was put in because of this situation: a pilot lived in tvc, he used mdw as his gateway. straightline distance tvc-mdw is within 100 miles. but it's impossible to drive there in 3 hours. therefore, this pilot had to report to a position within 3 hours drive of mdw. you don't have to go to your gateway if you're commuting in - you can stop at the super 8 that's 99.9 miles from the gateway - it's probably cheaper.

also, you have to be within 100 miles by 0001 your first duty day. if, like in the above instance, there is an obstacle in your way (say a major metro area or a great lake), then you can apply the 3 hour rule. highway accidents, snowstorms, etc don't count against you. just let someone know you're running late.

additionally, dispatch needs to actually allow you your normal drive time (at normal speeds) to report to your gateway. then, if airlining, they have to give you an additional 2 hours due to the new security fiasco. plus, if they call you for a pop-up briefing, they have to allow you a "reasonable" (normally an hour) amount of time to shave, shower, dress, etc, then make your drive.

now for the falcon and dtw - there is no "normal" at eja. being you're not at a service center for the falcon, you'll be airlining 95% of the time. you may have some early airlines, but you'll usually know it ahead of time. if you're on standby, the above rules apply. as for standby (we call it the bullpen), once again there is no normal. if you're sitting alot and not flying (some of us like that), call your pm and usually they'll get you out on the road.

mdw can go either way since we go there so much.

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