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Falcon 10 fuel question????

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
I just completed my Falcon 10 type rating. I have limited time in the plane. I'm curious what numbers you guys use for fuel computations. I've already seen the numbers in the book....
I need numbers to use in the real world, not the sim...

It's been a long time now since I flew the "Pocket Rocket", it was my first jet. A great little airplane.

We planned 1500 first hour then 1250 to 1300 second hour and 1150 third hour, if you were at 41 or above. The 1550 first hour is a little fat but works for shorter trips where you don't make altitiude. The best last hour burn I ever saw was 1080 at 430 and then down hill all the way at idle to a visual approach.
10 @ 43?

First off the 10 don't like any altitude above 39. Fly it at 33,35,37 and it will burn 1900 the first hour, 1400 the second hour and 1300 the third...........then you land.............this is somewhat dependent if you have the -2c mods or not...........If you have the -2c mod add 100 lbs. to each of the above.
Those numbers agree with the fuel burns I've been seeing in our planes.

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