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Falcon 10 and the -2C engine mod

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Flying Illini

Hit me Peter!
Mar 9, 2003
I put this in general in case some ex DA-10 drivers don't frequent the Corp. section.
2 of our 3 -10's have the -2C mod. Honeywell came in the other night and gave us an engine operating presentation. It was informative though most of it was known, it was nice to hear it and be able to ask specific questions that have risen through operation. It was also fun to look at some of the "hot start" photos and cringe at what must have happened to the pilots responsible for melting engines.
It was descibed to us that technically the only thing the -2C mod gives us is increased performance with anti-ice on. We have been operating mainly by ITT limits (with the mod you can cruise at 827 celsious instead of 795) for the climb and with higher allowed ITT's with the mod, we have been able to have a slightly (not much) hiigher N1 power setting which has resulted in better climb performance as well as better cruise performance. The engine N1 power charts were not recomputed with the engine mod so technically you are litmited to that N1 setting during the climb schedule. We have found that so far, using the N1 charts to set the power has resulted in nearly the same ITT's that we were originally operating at...but those ITT's would be unavailable without the engine mods. Ex. (my charts are in the plane, not with me so I am just making this up, but you get the idea) 15000' at -5 degrees shows a max N1 of 96.3% Well, at that setting, our ITT's are showing around 835, well within the ITT limits. But, if we didn't have the engine mod, 827 is the MAX ITT. Are the charts wrong?

Those of you that have operated with the mod, how was it marketed to you and how did you operate it in the climb?

The marketing to us was not that the only benefit is better performance with the anti-ice on, but that we could also climb at 845 ITT if we needed too.

I hope this is somewhat understandable, I'm trying to watch MNF while typing this!

Garrett also offers the -2C mod for 30 series Lears. There the big selling point is the reduction of MSP costs due to the increase of MPI times. I have found that the aircraft performes much better with the mod. At least one FL step higher on initial cruise and better climb time numbers.
Been a while since I flew Falcon 10's...is that the mod that is supposed to remove "Garrett Grenade" from your vocabulary?
The aircraft performs very well with the mods, for sure!

Since I will soon be flying a -10 without the mod, maybe you should make me aware of what the "Garrett Grenade" is.
The -2 engines were known for throwing turbine blades, with the resulting imbalance pretty much trashing the engine. Our DoM where I flew Falcon 10's told us that it wasn't a case of "might happen", but a case of "will happen". In my case, it "did happen", and given my desire to be bored to tears in aviation, I kinda didn't meet my goals for the day ;)

Anyway, I was told about a mod that put hollow turbine blades from the -3 engines onto the -2's, which allowed for more even heating and cooling of the blades. It's been 8 or 9 years since that happened, so I can't remember the mod number.

Fly safe!


P.S...Are you out of CMI, by chance?
yep, out of CMI. Been here?

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