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Fake Ads

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Well-known member
Mar 15, 2002
I'm starting to wonder if some of the job ads we see are BS. An announcement pops up, people apply and then nothing is heard. I gauge that nothing is heard from this bulletin board. JetBlue, FedEx and SWA are hiring, how do I know, because of all the posts that I read.

Here’s an example, go to Flipdog.com and look up pilot jobs. Delta keeps popping up. They say weren’t not hiring now but keep those applications coming. What’s up with that? Is that so we can keep UPAS in business?

Something isn't right. Or then again, maybe I'm not as competitive as I think I am.
No, I agree 100% with what you're saying.

Open any issue of Flying magazine and you'll see those Florida flight school factories advertising their connections to the airlines, harping that regionals are hiring - and then they'll slap the Continental Express, Eagle, TSA, Mesaba, Skyway logo on their ad!

Yes - some airlines - Comair, Skywest, ACA, ASA, are hiring- but not those. Don't sell somebody something for $50K based on lies...

I'm glad I'm no longer at that level...
Many airlines charge the application fee.
That's also good income for them. So even though they don't need pilots now but still they accept the applicatoin.
At least some friends can survive with that.

You might be right about some regionals not hiring, but now might not be a bad time to start learning to fly. Down turns in the economy are always a good time to get more education. By the time someone finishes flight training at one of those "Florida flight schools" the airlines might be hiring.

Students that started training in late '99 and early '00 might have been enticed by the fierce hiring, but now look where they are.
FligDog told me that they post "job descriptions" not "jobs"...
The Delta site has a "job description" of a pilot, it does not have pilot jobs...
Silly, I know.
I agree ... learn to fly now!

By all means I suggest that anyone who wishes to get into aviation, start training now. The industry is always going through changes of massive hiring and then a sudden freeze. I personally believe that this all will turn around soon .. within the next couple years. Maybe not back to the way it was, but close to it. The regionals are continually expanding and will continue to need pilots. As soon at the majors start hiring again ... which is rumored not to be for five years, although a few are hiring even now ... the hiring in regionals will start rising again. That is perfect for me, as that is when I will be entering into the market for a job. I personally wouldn't pay attention to these flight schools who like to advertise guaranteed interviews and jobs, etc. Sometimes the smaller, lesser known schools are the better ones, they tell you straight up what the deal is and often times are $10-15K cheaper. After all, ratings are ratings anyway, forget about where you get them, just get them!

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