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factored landing distance.

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Junior Mint
Jan 8, 2003
Say I have 3 runways, 6800, 5400 and 4000. My factored 135 distance per the regs says that I have to be able to land in the first 60% of the runway. My actual landing distance is 3800 dry. 3800 x 1.67 = 6348

Where in the regs does it say that I actually have to land on the 6800 foot runway? The regs say I can't take off unless the airport I'm going to I can land in the first 60% of the suitable runway, but I don't read this as telling me I actually have to land on that runway.


Its been awhile since I flew 135 but I believe you are correct. The 60 percent rule is for planning purposes, so if winds dictate you use a different runway then I believe you can use it.
It is for planning purposes only. If you think about it, if you need to file an alternate for a 135 flight it must have 2 different approaches (meaning GPS and ILS for example and not just a VOR approach to rwy 13 and a vor approach to rwy 31) to two different suitable runways. Does that mean that if you need to use your alternate airport you need to shoot both approaches to the different runways? No, it is an FAA thing that is trying to keep you safe=just like the 60% rule.

Good question though!
Nope you are not required to use that particular runway. BTW - its FAR 135.385. Pretty interesting reading. That being said, there is alot to be said for why you should probably NOT be landing on a runway that is shorter than what your factored numbers give you. The reg gives the PIC alot of wiggle room. Most regs do. Thats why God made FAR 91.13, though - so that he may punish the stupid when they get too cute.
You also will want to look at Part 135.4 which allows an "elegible on-demand operation" to use 80% of a runway. There are a bunch of limitations but it is possible for a 135 operation to use 80% instead of 60% now.

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