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FAA to End “Taxi to” Runway Clearances

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Nov 28, 2001

On June 30th, the FAA will no longer issue “Taxi To” Clearances for runway assignments. Pilots won’t be able to receive a clearance with the expectation to taxi to the departure runway and be allowed to cross all runways en route. All runway crossings now will be accompanied by a specific clearance to either hold short or cross for each runway. Runways that are less than 1000′ apart may be given a single clearance.
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So basically the FAA will be conforming to what basically every other country already does?
yea.. thats gonna be real fun at places like midway... trying to get to the 4's.... ground has to wait until you cross one runway to issue the crossing clearance for the next.... talk about gridlock on the ground freq...

whoops just saw the 1000' bit... hadn't seen that before.... disregard...

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